The 4 Stages of A Gacha Player

Stage 1 

Play For Fun – Just another day of your Gacha Life. You see a picture of a RARE item in the “ESSENTIAL ITEMS” fecebook group and think “Oooo I NEEED that in my life”

gacha 1

Stage 2 

Tease The Gacha Machine – You play up to 5 times and still no rare and you look at the Gacha Machine and smile and say to it “This is not funny any longer pffttt”

gacha 2

Stage 3 

Confusion – You played about 20 times now and still no rares, you just get commons, and you only think “Whyyyyyyyyyyy?? This machine must be broken”

gacha 3

Stage 4 

Totally Lost It – After 100 tries and still only commons, you lose your cool and grab a hammer ready to smack the Gacha machine, only to be hauled away by your friend or family

gacha 4

Gacha Items: {NanTra} Gimme my *%&*$! Rare Poses

Located At Pose Fair

Event: March 12-26, 2016

{NanTra} Poses Facebook

{NanTra} Poses Flickr

{NanTra} Poses Inworld Store

pose fairnantraimageF


Style Card

On Kathy
Dress -Blueberry – Alissa – T-shirt Dress – MaitreyaBlueberry Inworld Store
Hair – little bones. Sketch – The Brunette little bones. Inworld Store
Shoes – {Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Cherry Gold (Maitreya) {Livalle} Inworld Store
Watch – MIEL TROUPE WATCH – bright Find On Marketplace Here

On Kyrene
Top- Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Tunic Dress[Black]Inworld Store
Leggings- :FY: Jenny Leggings (blue) Forever Young Inworld Store
Shoes- Maitreya Gold * Black * Laud Boots Slink-High Maitreya Inworld Store
Hair: – [e] Aspyn [elikatira] Inworld Store

*Thank you to my sister Kyrene Glendevon for being apart of this
*Pictures by Kyrene Glendevon.
Please check Kyrene’s blog: My Twin Life


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