Cozy Homes-{CH} The Artisan – Antique

{Cozy}  which includes Cozy Homes™, Cozy Baby™, Cozy Kid™ and Cozy Essentials™ is owned by the creative and talented Paige Raven since 2004. As you would expect from the name all the homes and furniture are comfortable and cozy and will warm up any home.

As described in the note card that is included with the house “{The Artisan} is designed to be as true to the old Craftsman style as is possible within the limits and standards of Second Life. You will notice lots of long straight lines, and squared edges all throughout the house. Why? Think about it. When the Craftsman style originated, there were no handy power tools and fancy moldings to buy at Lowe’s. They worked with what they had: Two hands, a hammer and a saw. But we did try to update the house while staying true to the original concept.”

The house is not only stylish it is warm and inviting. It will want you to stay home every night.

{please click on pictures to enlarge}

The Front View
The Artisan House- Front ViewThe Artisan House-Front View
The Front Porch
The Artisan House-Front Porch
The Entrance
The Artisan House- Entrance
The Living Room
The Artisan House- Living Room
The Dining Room
The Artisan House-Dining Room
The Kitchen
The Artisan House-Kitchen paige house kitchen blog
The Bedroom
paige house 1 pic bedroom blogpaige house 1 bedroom2 blog
The Bathroom
The Artisan House-Bathroom
The Craft Corner
The Artisan House-Craft Corner
The Laundry Room
The Artisan House-Laundry

I couldn’t resist to try out the furniture and it lives up to it’s name, it is soooooo “COZY”

The Artisan House-Me in the EntranceThe Artisan House- Me in the Liviing RoomThe Artisan House- Me in the Dining Area
The Artisan House-Me In KitchenThe Artisan House-Me In BedroomThe Artisan House-Me In BathroomThe Artisan House-Me In Porch

Click on picture/logo to teleport to {Cozy} Main Store
[Cozy] Store teleport

*All furniture located at Cozy Homes

Hair – Temptress (S Head/L Breast) -Stealthic Hair- Main store
Top – paper.arrow beach.tank [m.lara] paper.arrow Main store
Jeans – Blueberry – Melanie Jeans – Blueberry Bootie – Maitreya Blueberry Main store
Shoes – Pure Poison – Katia Sandals – Maitreya Pure Poison Main store
Bracelet/Watch- **RE** Kitty Watch & **RE** Kitty Bracelet .: RealEvil Industries :. Main store


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